Excellent opportunity to earn required CEUs and expand my knowledge base for new treatments and guidelines for diabetes. Thank you to Dr. Trujillo, who was able to provide information and meet all objectives for all of her audience, including those of us that are professionals other than pharmacists.

Nurse Practitioner,  June 21, 2022 Diabetes Course

Objectives were met in a way I never would have expected. I went from dreading this session, to wishing it were done on the first day. This would have given the opportunity to put our improv skills into play, and would have provided the opportunity for more networking and communication between all the professionals present. Thank you, Cory!

Nurse Practitioner,  June 22, 2022 Improv Course

Great content and wonderful speaker…I appreciate the intimacy and ability to ask questions without reservations

Pharmacist, Key West, April 2022, New Drug Update

Dr Weart is the most knowledgeable speaker I have ever heard. I came to this program just to hear him speak. I haven’t heard him in over 20 years

Pharmacist, Key West, April 2022, New Drug Update

Great speaker- very relevant to primary care practice

Physician Assistant, Key West,  April 2022, New Drug Update

Really appreciated this cme. the topics covered were more in-depth and thorough than I expected, and the speakers did a great job. will definitely consider further cme experiences with your company.thanks so much.

Physician Assistant, Key West,  April 2022, Preventive Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy


“I am always impressed with the program content & speakers.”

Pharmacist, Las Vegas, February 2020

“Great coverage of topics, superb engaging speaker.”

Physician, Bonita Springs, FL, January 2020


“Thank you for a wonderful seminar. Nicely organized, timely topics, great speakers, nice location.”

Pharmacist, Las Vegas, December 2019

“These conferences are great. It is an excellent resource to keep up to date.”

Pharmacist, Kauai, October 2019

“This is my first conference with ULS. Great info provided, speakers were enthusiastic and experienced in their field of topics. “

Nurse Practitioner, Las Vegas, September 2019

“This is a wonderful conference & will surely attend more in the future. The food is great and the schedule is do-able. It was very well organized and truly informative. “

Physician, Las Vegas, June 2019

“Great conference! Very educational! Great Speaker! “

Pharmacist, Key West, May 2019

“Was an excellent presentation. Dr. Bland was a great choice for lecturer. “

Physician, Eastern Caribbean Cruise, March 2019

“My first experience, enjoyed it greatly!”

Nurse Practitioner, Las Vegas, February 2019


“Excellent speaker, interactive and knowledgeable. “

Physician, Las Vegas, December 2018

“The knowledge I gained through this CME will tremendously affect my daily patient care. I plan to share the pearls I learned with my colleagues . “

Nurse Practitioner, Waikiki, October 2018

“Great speaker!! Cindy is well versed in clinical aspects which was really appreciated as a provider. “

Physician, Jackson, WY, July 2018

“I thought Dr O’Bryant was an excellent speaker and her lecturing style helped me retain more information. Her clinical pearls were really helpful to someone like me who doesn’t normally work with these drugs. “

Pharmacist, Jackson, WY, July 2018

“Great lecture and I appreciated the interactive style. It kept my attention and the discussion was eye opening to different practice settings and circumstances.”

Pharmacist, Jackson, WY, July 2018

“Dr. Weart is a wonderful speaker, very knowledgeable .”

Nurse Practitioner, Las Vegas, June 2018

“Excellent presentation .”

Physician, Las Vegas, June 2018

“I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful free seminar I just attended online for “Advances in the Management of Diabetes”.  Please let Dr. Jennifer Trujillo know that I absolutely loved it. I truly appreciate her knowledgeable presentation she gave.   I graduated in 1996 before all these new diabetes drugs came out,  and they intimidate the heck out of me because I would read about them in Pharmacist Letter as they came out and it went in one eye and out the other.  Having it finally explained in detail and in such an exceptionally thorough way that Dr. Trujillo did has helped me so very much!!!!”

Julie, RPh, April 2018


“Great topics. Excellent speakers so far. Looking forward to tomorrow’s lecture. Glad I came.”

Constance Batson, FNP-BC, September 2017

“I attended my fifteenth 3 day session this June 2017. The instructors are all great I am certain but Dr. Weart is my favorite. I only have had one prof in University to compare. He knows his subject backwards and sideways! Charlene picks great locations that make learning easier and feeds attendees a good breakfast. I always feel I have gotten my monies worth. I bet you will enjoy it as much as I do.”

Ken Burrows, RPh, May 2017

“When Charlene took over ULS it took a turn for the better. Great Continuing Education spread all over the world with great speakers! Totally enjoyable way to keep current.”

Stephen Mitchell, PharmD, July 2017

“Keep up the great work. New Drug Update/Guideline Update are very applicable and useful!”

Antonio Cordova, PharmD, June 2017

“Outstanding and organized! Great location, great speaker, enthusiastic course leader, excellent material coverage with timely updates given by speaker.”

L.C., CFNP, May 2017

“This conference was very informative and will help me have improved outcomes with my patients.”

K.C., FNP, May 2017

“Dr. Weart is so knowledgeable. It was a joy to learn from him.”

Lori M., Pharm.D., March 2017

“Keep doing what you do! One of the best seminars I have attended, well rounded, informative and interactive.”

Shannon Fegan, PA-C, February 2017

“The seminars clarify, reinforce and increase knowledge of drugs and treatment options for various symptoms and diagnoses.”

Pharmacist, February 2017

“Dr. Holmquist (speaker) was excellent, up to date, excellent material and superb delivery!”

David, M.D, January 2017


“This is the best it can get! Extremely enjoyed being on the course, learned a lot and improved my knowledge base enormously.”

Sunny Hussain, M.D, July 2016

“Kelly (speaker) completely surprised me with his presentations. They were very interesting. He mixed his experience with published data expertly.”

D.O., July 2016

“Each of the presenters provided their information in a clear and concise manner with organized handouts. They provided information that is personally interesting and valuable to my specific practice site. I consider the seminar a value to me personally and professionally.”

Rebecca Rinehart, B.S. Pharmacy, February 2016

“The sense of humor of lecturers and the informality made for a wonderful learning experience.”

Paul Goldberg, M.D, February 2016

“Interesting topics, well informed speakers, great ULS staff.”

Robert Rosar, B.S. Pharmacy, February 2016

“In the past 15 years I have attended seminars presented by ULS 10 times to meet my annual CE requirements. I know I can always count on a professional program with knowledgeable speakers as well as the opportunity to enjoy a fun location. Charlene does a fantastic job!”

Laurie Workman, R.Ph, February 2016


“My employer had a required diabetes training for pharmacists last week. At least 10 of their slides had been presented by your program. I have never felt so informed or prepared for a presentation. I feel like I could have presented their program.

Although it was never my reason for attending, this year I was prepared to shine in front of 18-20 peers and my supervisor. I was able to display a knowledge and understanding of diabetes above and beyond my peer group. My ability to do so was entirely due to you two. For that I am very thankful and wanted to share my recent experience with you both.”

Joe McDaniel, R.Ph, June 2015

“As an NP I work in LTC. Day 1 (Therapeutic Update 2014) provided me with data/info on BP goals for elderly population with DM and CV disease – a lot of take home and useful practical information. Thanks Dr. Weart!”

K. Kortzendorf, NP, June 2014