Recent Feedback

Shannon Fegan, PA-C., February 2017

Keep doing what you do! One of the best seminars I have attended, well rounded, informative and interactive.

Pharmacist, February 2017

The seminars clarify, reinforce and increase knowledge of drugs and treatment options for various symptoms and diagnoses.

David, M.D., January 2017

Dr. Holmquist (speaker) was excellent, up to date, excellent material and superb delivery!

Sunny Hussain, M.D., July 2016

This is the best it can get! Extremely enjoyed being on the course, learned a lot and improved my knowledge base enormously.

D.O., July 2016

Kelly (speaker) completely surprised me with his presentations. They were very interesting. He mixed his experience with published data expertly.

Rebecca Rinehart, B.S. Pharmacy, February 2016

Each of the presenters provided their information in a clear and concise manner with organized handouts. They provided information that is personally interesting and valuable to my specific practice site. I consider the seminar a value to me personally and professionally.

Paul Goldberg, M.D. February 2016

The sense of humor of lecturers and the informality made for a wonderful learning experience.

Robert Rosar, B.S. Pharmacy, February 2016

Interesting topics, well informed speakers, great ULS staff.

Laurie Workman, R.Ph. February 2016

In the past 15 years I have attended seminars presented by ULS 10 times to meet my annual CE requirements. I know I can always count on a professional program with knowledgeable speakers as well as the opportunity to enjoy a fun location. Charlene does a fantastic job!

Joe McDaniel R.Ph, June 2015

Dear Charlene and Dr. Weart,

My name is Joe McDaniel. I am the tall, white mustache wearing, chronographically gifted, June Las Vegas New Drug update partaker. 

My employer had a required diabetes training for pharmacists last week. At least 10 of their slides had been presented by your program. I have never felt so informed or prepared for a presentation. I feel like I could have presented their program. One of their case studies had the patient on Actos. I offered, ” we need to get her off Actos. It’s associated with bone fractures, macular degeneration and bladder cancer.”  Another case had Atenolol 25mg once daily. I was ready to shout out the Atenolol pledge but did not. By that time, I had answered too many questions and offered too many options.Your course evaluation asks how can I use the info presented in practice.

Although it was never my reason for attending, this year I was prepared to shine in front of 18-20 peers and my supervisor. I was able to display a knowledge and understanding of diabetes above and beyond my peer group.My ability to do so was entirely due to you two. For that I am very thankful and wanted to share my recent experience with you both.

K. Kortzendorf, NP – New Drug Update, June 2014

“As an NP I work in LTC. Day 1 (Therapeutic Update 2014) provided me with data/info on BP goals for elderly population with DM and CV disease – a lot of take home and useful practical information. Thanks Dr. Weart